How to Walk the Plank

ClairePirateAaaaar Matey, it be International Talk Like a Pirate Day today. How will YOU celebrate?

I celebrated by singing a few silly verses of “What Would You Do with a Drunken Sailor”, a cappella, in front of a group of about 50 people at the Arizona Holistic Chamber of Commerce Signature Luncheon.

(And what WOULD you do with a drunken sailor? Why, if you’re with a group of ‘crunchies’ like my Holistic Chamber pals, you’d “make ‘im eat tofu and raw organic, make ‘im eat tofu and raw organic, make ‘im eat tofu and raw organic earlie in the mornin’,” of course!)

You had to be there – there will be no repeat performances 😉

Yes, I sang and acted very silly in front of a fairly sizeable group, even though my heart was racing and even though I’ve never sung in public before.


Here are a few reasons:

  • Because I was inspired to do so – my intuition guided me and I followed its lead
  • Because it made me nervous – I decided to “feel the fear and do it anyway”
  • Because I was tired of delivering the same old elevator speech and I wanted to shake things up
  • Because I received the gift of a deep, tear-inducing, gut-busting belly laugh yesterday, and I wanted to pay it forward – humor and laughter raise the vibration of any endeavor

SelfolutionaryShiftingPointSome days ye may feel like yer walkin’ the plank. But, shiver me timbers, ye’ll not go wrong by followin’ yer intuition, steppin’ threw yer fear, shakin’ things up, and liftin’ yer mood w’ laughter.

Where’s Your Web Anchored?

"Web of Love" created by Claire Perkins, aka ArtfulAlchemist on
“Web of Love” created by Claire Perkins, aka ArtfulAlchemist on

On my morning walk, I noticed a spider had built its web from the back bumper of a parked pickup truck to the asphalt of the street below.

That spider’s gonna be mighty disappointed when that truck rolls away.

When your happiness, self-worth, safety or general well-being are attached to something “out there”, your chances of keeping them are tenuous at best. Everything “out there” is shifting and impermanent. At any moment it could roll away, just like the spider’s pickup truck.

The spider is resilient; he will rebuild. And you can, too . . .

But if you choose to hang your happiness or self-worth on outer circumstances being a certain way, or other people acting a certain way, I can guarantee you’ll be rebuilding your web daily – if not moment to moment.

It would be better to anchor your web in more permanent territory. And the only place you’ll find that is inside your own heart and mind.

Today, notice where you’ve anchored your self-worth, well-being and happiness. Would it be in your best interest to make a shift?