UPDATE: Fallen is now officially scheduled to be released the first week in May 2017!

It will be available on Amazon in both printed and ebook formats. Stay tuned for purchase links.


What if your whole life was a dream?

And what if YOU were the dreamer?

Alora is a leaf who’s fallen from the Dreaming Tree into the strange new land of Lake Sojourn where she experiences an emotional roller-coaster of fear, love and loss as she struggles to remember who she is. Along the way she meets unexpected guides who share their wisdom to help her rediscover her true self and purpose.

Will she continue to drift on the surface, always at the mercy of the elements? Or will she find the courage to face her fears, dive deep and reclaim her true power?

Fallen, the Adventures of a Deep Water Leaf
is scheduled for release May 2017.

This beautifully illustrated spiritual fairy tale for grownups will show us all how we can live deeper, richer lives.

Advance Praise for Fallen

“Superb, beautiful, elegant – a gentle yet commanding message of awakening and remembering. This story will take you into the depths of where Truth lies.”
–Linda J. Curry, best-selling author, Pebbles of Gold

“Fallen is a masterpiece. It will serve as a guide for those ready to be awakened and ready to leave fear behind. It is a parable to what’s possible.” -Beata Lorinc, Success Strategist, WorkWithBeata.com

“Fallen is a beautiful, rich and deeply meaningful story that will reach hearts far and wide with its wisdom.” -Aliza Bloom Robinson, Author, Ease Creator and Transformational Catalyst, Divine-Awakening.org

“I have read this book twice. I find it extremely creative, educational, and a joy to read. For anyone in New Thought, it is a must read. I hope someone in Hollywood reads it because it would make a wonderful movie.” -Barbara Kelly, Spiritual Living Advocate