SoulCollage® – Council Suit – Death

SoulCollage® – Council Suit – Death

SoulCollage® – Council Suit – Death

SoulCollage® - Council Suit - DeathI am the elegant design of Death, the guardian of the grand cycles of time and experience.

I stand with you upon your thousand pasts and lean with you into your thousand futures.

Do not fear me; I am not the end, but the journey home.

I am but your vehicle from Earth to Stars and back again, the Star Ship of your Soul.

Each time you stand upon my bridge, you travel farther into your true potential.

When next I arrive, take my hand without resistance. Sail with me upon the sea of your own Divine Blueprint and steer your way guided by the North Star of your Soul’s own unique constellation.

Sail with me until you have counted every star in the Spiral Galaxy that is you.






SoulCollage® – Council Suit – Primordial


Born of mud
I am sulfur and primordial earth
Emerging from a cave of ancient stone
Worn by eons of wind and water

I am the Keeper of Deep Sorrows
Painted with the ash of
Innumerable past lives and loves
Dried grass, hand-knotted
Ties and binds me to all who’ve come before

I am the withering of green earth
Fading from vibrant life
Drying out and decaying

I am a warrior in training
Returning yet again
To master hello and goodbye

I am the spiral of eternity
The unfolding of time
Birth and rebirth and rebirth

Expressed for one brief moment
As this body, in this now

I am but a wrinkle in time



Claire Perkins

Wonderful @SoulCollage(TM) workshop with Kathy Shimpock today! This is my favorite of 3 cards created today, and a poem that emerged from the “I am one who” exploration that followed.