SoulCollage® – Community Suit – Kids in Cages

SoulCollage® – Community Suit – Kids in Cages

I’ve been feeling weighed down and wearied by the shadow energies I feel are at work in our country these days. Recently I began creating a new series of  SoulCollage® cards that I think of as “American Shadow” cards. May we work together to bring balance to the shadows within ourselves, our nation and the world.

SoulCollage® – Community Suit – Kids in Cages

The Liberty Bell still tolls
but not for thee
oh Child of the Brown Skinned Mother
Its crack has become
a chasm
to swallow you whole

The open arms of Freedom and Justice
have ripped you from
your mother’s breast
Given you hard floors and bars
to replace her
as deaf ears ignore your cries

There is no room at the inn
for Christ-like compassion
Religion is a sword to wield against you
The beacon on the hill
is naught but a siren’s song
calling you in to be bashed against the rocks

Brilliant words of vision and hope
spill off the weathered parchment
to scatter on the wind
as Lady Liberty weeps into
the shreds of a burning flag

Claire Perkins

$90,000 Rolex

$90,000 Rolex

m326933-0001This morning I dreamed we gave Cameron
a $90,000 Rolex
with a broken watch band
that we’d found somewhere
and counted as our lottery win,
our ticket forward.

Yet we handed it over to Cameron
so he could marry his girl
and have his own future.

I don’t think the dream’s about dollars, though.
It could be about time.
About the 90,000 hours he’s missed of his own
this-time-around life.

Or the 90,000 beats of my heart,
within not one of which he’s been absent.

Or the 90,000 bits of bone and ash
still waiting to be scattered.

Or the exponential expanse of time
he’s now experiencing.
All the time,
not just in the world,
but in the Universe
to live in love and freedom.

Or the energy of nine, which is endings
and the magnified energy of zero,
which is eternity,
and the real truth of his passing.

There was a day I would have handed over $90,000
or 9 times $90,000
to buy his happiness.

But happiness is an inside job,
not to be bought, but created
day by day,
heartbeat by heartbeat,
tick by tick of this $90,000 Rolex we call life.

He taught me that
through the grief of his leaving.


in memory of
Cameron David Perkins
4/2/1978 ~ 5/3/2004