Fallen Collector’s Edition


I’m super excited to present the new full-color, hardcover Collector’s Edition of Fallen!

Whether you already know and love the story or it’s brand new to you, you are going to want to get your hands on this Collector’s Edition! 

This brand new release contains the same beloved, award-winning story of Alora and her adventures after falling from the Dreaming Tree, but now you can enjoy the gorgeous full-color illustrations as they were meant to be seen.

All 15 chapter illustrations have been reproduced and framed in lush, rich color. PLUS a bonus 16th illustration has been added: a detailed map of Lake Sojourn.

Do you feel like you’ve lost the magic in your life?
Are you longing for something . . . more?
Do you yearn for connection with your truest self?
Are you ready to dive deep and claim your power?

Let this beautifully illustrated visionary fiction guide your way!

When Alora falls from the Dreaming Tree into a watery dreamscape, she must choose between drifting along at the mercy of the elements or diving deep to reclaim her true power. Flooded with fear and grief, but buoyed by unexpected guides, Alora journeys toward remembering who she really is and why she chose to fall.

Let this plucky little leaf show you the way to live a deeper, more satisfying life filled with passion, purpose and true personal power.

Once upon a time, your Soul Essence dreamed you into being. And now you have the power to dream your life forward in any way that you choose. You don’t need to sleepwalk through your life any longer.

It is time to awaken. It is time to remember.



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Reader Reviews

“Superb, beautiful, elegant – a gentle yet commanding message of awakening and remembering. This story will take you into the depths of where Truth lies.”
–Linda J. Curry, best-selling author, Pebbles of Gold

“Fallen is a masterpiece. It will serve as a guide for those ready to be awakened and ready to leave fear behind. It is a parable to what’s possible.” -Beata Lorinc, Success Strategist, WorkWithBeata.com

“Fallen is a beautiful, rich and deeply meaningful story that will reach hearts far and wide with its wisdom.” -Aliza Bloom Robinson, Author, Ease Creator and Transformational Catalyst, Divine-Awakening.org

“I have read this book twice. I find it extremely creative, educational, and a joy to read. For anyone in New Thought, it is a must read. I hope someone in Hollywood reads it because it would make a wonderful movie.” -Barbara Kelly, Spiritual Living Advocate

“A heart warming story of finding your way! Beautiful illustrations, strong voice, and fun read!” -Sarah Cavender, English Teacher

“What a delightful experience! I downloaded the Kindle edition, started reading, and — a couple of hours later — came away breathless. Fallen is among the best and most imaginative examples I’ve seen in years of an allegory within an allegory (textually and visually). And your remarkable artwork is more than punctuation marks between chapters; it’s a wonderful series of exclamation points!” -Paul McNeese, Literary Consultant