When Dreams and Life Converge

When Dreams and Life Converge


The steps to the Unity Village Rose Garden have been sealed with yellow crime scene tape to protect the wedding parties from intrusion by hordes of teens in formals celebrating homecoming and seeking the perfect photo shoot backdrop.

I ask the security guard how I’m supposed to get to my classroom in the Unity Institute building, whose main entrance is in said Rose Garden. He directs me to the basement access route right off the cafeteria (which, by the way, is giving me flashbacks to my parochial school days with its dun plastic trays, industrial plates and silverware, and rolling conveyer belt that carries the dirty dishes into the steaming underbelly of the kitchen to be washed).

I enter a hallway demarked by painted yellow lines on a concrete floor. Overhead, exposed pipes and ductwork shoot off in every direction. I would never have guessed this to be open to public access, much less to lead to my classroom. The security guard rattles off  quick directions (some combination of straight-aheads and turns that immediately flow through one ear and out the other without fully engaging my inner GPS) then disappears.

I take a tentative step into this surreal landscape. To my right, a forest of artificial Christmas trees bristle in the shadows, their naked limbs awaiting the season when they will be brought out to bloom with lights, tinsel and colored ornaments. I am suddenly aware that I have walked into a familiar kind of dream scene, although I am quite awake.

How many times have I wandered through underground concrete mazes like this in my dreams? Sometimes in search of something – my car, a bathroom. Other times trying to elude nefarious, shadowy pursuers or carry out some clandestine spy-versus-spy mission. Usually in these dreams I wander lost as panic rises and each twist and turn takes me deeper into unknown territory.

In Active Dreaming, one prescription for a nightmare is to re-enter the dream and move it forward, through the fear into a transformation and conclusion of your choosing. I have the sense that this is just such an opportunity. The veil between waking and dreaming has disappeared and I have a chance, in full consciousness, to transform this recurring dream theme.

I realize, it isn’t a maze. It’s a labyrinth, like the one I walked under the full moon the night before. I am never lost, it only seems so. The path twists and turns, but is clearly marked as I move toward my center and back out again.

Today I know that this underground concrete labyrinth will take me closer to my center. Straight ahead is a sign. Education Building to the right. The elevator takes me up to the familiar 2nd floor where my circle of sisters welcome me in to our moon tent room, a space to connect and create, and to reclaim my soul. It is another kind of dream space and I step into it with deep gratitude.


With gratitude to Aliza Bloom Robinson and Pamela Hawkins who so beautifully facilitated The Yin Experience Retreat, and to my new circle of sisters: Patti, Susan, Megan, Sharron, Gail, Michelle, Noemi, Tamra, Leailia,Carmen, Mary and Monica. ♥ ♥ ♥

Becoming the Dream

Becoming the Dream

ThroughTheVeilIn a marvelous example of synchronicity (or how life rhymes), I am working on my new book, Fallen from the Dreaming Tree, this morning. I have just been inspired to write that my protagonist “weaves a dream from the quantum and finds its diamond sparkle so beautifully alluring that she steps into her dream and becomes it,” when I decide to take a break.

I pop onto the web to check emails and such, where I find a notice on Facebook that Seena Frost, the founder of SoulCollage®, has passed away. In the beautiful video tribute accompanying that post, Seena is heard quoting Meister Eckhart: “When the soul wishes to experience something she throws an image of the experience out before her and enters into her own image.” Oh, how beautifully Eckhart has captured and mirrored what I’m struggling to say.

Next I do a Google search to find and verify the words of Eckhart’s quote and find this post from Robert Moss, written several years ago, in which he explores the same quote and idea and challenges us not just to hear Eckhart’s words, but to walk with them and live into the essence of them.

Which is exactly the meaning and purpose I’m hoping to convey through the story I’m writing.

Rather than being dismayed that what I’m writing is not saying anything new, I am encouraged that what I’m trying to say is a deep Truth that other mystics and teachers have known and shared in their own words and ways. Perhaps this Truth itself is an image that we continue to throw before us so that we can live into it more fully with each experience. While my story may not be new, may I tell it in new words that send forth an image of Truth. And may we all learn to live into it more deeply each day, each dream, each life.

I am grateful for wise teachers like Robert Moss (with Active Dreaming), Seena Frost (with SoulCollage®) and Lucia Capacchione (with Creative Journal Expressive Arts) who have each done so much to pave the way and provide tools and processes to empower the journey of fully living our soul’s dream.