SoulCollage® – Committee Suit – Essential Self

SoulCollage® – Committee Suit – Essential Self

Essential Self

I am the part of you
the heart of you
who is one with the stars
one with the seas
one with the earth
one with all things

I am the part of you
who embodies the Universe
as only you uniquely can

If you can dance your way
into quiet
into peace
you will hear my song there
within your own still center

The fish asks
Where is your power?
Where is your passion?
What is in your heart?

What is it that is bubbling up inside of you
longing to be expressed?

Strip away the mundane mask
of conditioning and cultural expectation

Let your heart-light shine through
where your false face once was

Call upon your shape-shifting power
For you can be whatever you choose

The stars spin at your command


Time Lapse Stars Photo by Jason Blackeye on Unsplash
Painted Woman Photo by emily lau on Unsplash

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