SoulCollage® – Committee Suit – Sending My Heart Ahead

I send my heart out ahead of me

On softly feathered wings she flies
Carrying my intention
Like an olive branch
Or a message
An alliance between what is
And a vision
A hope
Of what might become

Buoyant and agile
Keen of vision and true in flight
A homing beacon
Lighting the way with her gentle glow
Building a bridge of rainbow light
Opening the way before me
Softening the space I move toward

I send my heart out ahead of me

My avatar, my envoy
Reaching out so that we may meet
Heart to Heart
In a new field of vision
A new space of peace
Awakening the future
We came here to create

Claire Perkins, 2020

(Free Use Images from Unsplash and Pixabay)


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