What Is SoulCollage®?

  • What is SoulCollage®? — SoulCollage® is a collage process, in which someone makes a personal deck of cards, one card at a time. It is easy, fun, and satisfying and can be used by individuals or in groups (families, churches, schools, therapy, coaching, and many other contexts.)
  • The intention of SoulCollage® — To offer a flexible, creative, accessible, and inclusive tool that can be used as a practice for our own exploring, healing, and empowering evolution, so that each one of us can manifest our SoulEssence (our unique potential) locally and globally in increasingly balanced, compassionate, and joy-filled forms, both individually and in community.
  • One aspect per card — In SoulCollage® we collage one aspect (one Neter) of our self on one card, gradually adding cards to build a very personal and meaningful SoulCollage® deck.
  • The One and the Many — This system is based on the principle that there is One Source (understood by different names in different systems) from which everything manifests — the Many which come from Source. The deck we make is the evolving collage of our Soul.
  • Structure of a SoulCollage® deck— There are four suits which give image to “The Many” parts of our world. The four suits are: Committee (parts of our psyche), Community (real people or places with whom we are in relationship), Companions (our physical (chakra) energies), and Council (archetypes). There are also three Transpersonal Cards that give image to “The One.” The Transpersonal cards are: Source, SoulEssence, and Witness. SoulCollagers are encouraged to make cards in all suits eventually, but there is no particular requirement for making cards. Everyone makes cards in her or his own way and time and chooses which parts to illustrate in this way.
  • Consulting SoulCollage® cards — We consult our own SoulCollage® cards to help us answer life’s questions. SoulCollage® cards are not used to “read” for others.

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