SoulCollage® – Council Suit – Becoming Universal

SoulCollage® – Council Suit – Becoming Universal

SoulCollage® – Council Suit – Becoming Universal


Rooted in Earth and Spirit
I float upon still waters
Safe from any storms
Suspended on the edge of transformation
Facing Future

I am Spirit and Light
I am the expansion of Love
I am the Universe
Being born and reborn
Evolution unfolding
As galaxies of Conscious Light
Spiral in and through me

I am the New
Growing out of the roots of all that has passed
Guided by Light and Love
I emerge from a heavy past
Into a new Lightness of Being

My jeweled wings are sprouting
I am poised to take flight
I am the one who is becoming
Rising up from the depths of my being
Ever higher into who I am meant to become

I spiral outward and onward
Becoming Universal


Before this imagery became part of my SoulCollage® deck, I wrote another blog about it having to do with the process of evolution unfolding through quantum leaps triggered by crises. It seems as appropriate to think about today as it did four years ago. There’s an intriguing process that occurs when the caterpillar is about to become the butterfly that involves “imaginal cells” and the emergence of the new from the old – even as the old fights back (see blog). As we say goodbye to 2016 and move into the unknown territory of 2017, may we become those imaginal cells, may we sprout wings and fly into our true human potential.


“Becoming Universal”
Digital Collage Art by Claire Perkins
created on Polyvore

Wing Whisperer

Wing Whisperer

WingWhispererWatermarkForBlogWing Whisperer
11″x14″ Mixed Media on Aquabord

I am the one who brings the gift of freedom

I am the one who helps you to find your wings, for they are already yours, hiding within you just waiting for your heart’s invitation to unfold

I am the one who sees your unique beauty, the colors that are yours alone

I am the one who opens my hands in release

I am the one who watches in gratitude and delight as you climb into the sky

I am the witness to your flight

I am the grounded presence that holds space for your freedom

I am passion and power, and these I give to you through grace

I am the one with open eyes, open heart, open hands

I look skyward into the realm of Spirit

I am a priestess, an alchemist, a sorceress of light and transformation

I am the freer of dreams

I am Wing Whisperer


Recently I had the honor of creating my first commissioned piece for a client. She had a clear idea of what she wanted and the meaning she wanted it to convey. It was both challenging and fun to interpret her vision through my own heart and hands, translating its beauty and depth through paint and paper. When I finished the piece, I wasn’t sure what to call it so I decided to use the “I am the one who . . .” reading process that I learned in SoulCollage®. I let the woman in the painting speak and learned that her name is Wing Whisperer.

We all have wings waiting to unfold. May you find your own Wing Whisperer (hint: she may be inside of you) so you can spread your wings and fly, coloring this world in a way that only you can.