Are You a Money Magnet?

Are you a money magnet? Does money flow into your life easily, effortlessly and consistently? Or, does it seem like the polarity might be reversed on your money magnet so that it’s actually pushing money away?

Here’s an interesting visual exercise from my Art of Abundance workshop that can help you to check the polarity of your own money magnet. Take a look at the following images, and for each one fill in the blanks of the following sentence:

This image makes me think of __________________ and it makes me feel __________________.


Don’t over-think your answers, and answer honestly. Just go with your gut response to each image.

Now, look over your answers and see whether your emotional responses were primarily positive, primarily negative or about even. Which image feels most like your current relationship with money? Was your emotional response to that image positive or negative?

If most of your emotional responses are negative (lack, limits, constriction, fear, worry, anxiety, anger, hopelessness, sadness) then your money magnet may be repelling rather than attracting money into your life. If most of your emotional responses were positive (optimism, expansiveness, hope, happiness, love, humor, joy) then your money magnet is set to draw money into your life.

Why would that be true? Because you are seeing these images through your own money perception filter. The images themselves are neutral – it’s your own perception that makes them positive or negative. And the Law of Attraction tells us that our emotional state is the biggest attraction factor: positive emotions attract more positive results, negative emotions attract more negative results.

So, what can you do if your money magnet is set to repel? You can work at reframing your response to each image, especially to the one that feels most like your current money situation. Is it possible to see the image in another way? In a more positive light?

Here are a few reframes that came from my Art of Abundance students recently:

The money with the belt around it reminded one woman about her enormous student loan debt and about feeling very determined to pay it all off, tightening the money belt as much as necessary to do so. It made her feel determined, but also tense. When I asked her if she could see the image in a different, more positive light, she said the image was actually “kind of sexy” – that belt gave the dollars a real hour-glass shape. I suggested that she approach her bill paying and financial decision-making by thinking about how sexy it was to be in control of her money and how cutting back here and there financially was a bit like dieting to create a healthy, sexy  financial body.

For another woman, the man and woman tugging on the dollar sign reminded her of stronger, more powerful people taking money away from the more needy and deserving. It made her feel frustrated in her charity fund-raising work. I suggested that the man and woman could be seen as dancing with money or laughing over money rather than fighting over it. If she brought the idea of dancing and laughing into her fund-raising efforts, maybe it would stop feeling like such a struggle.

Granted, if your habitual money responses are primarily negative, shifting your money magnet into attraction mode may not happen over night. But by consciously working at reframing negative responses to money, you can turn the tide and learn to become a powerful money magnet.

2 thoughts on “Are You a Money Magnet?

  • July 20, 2010 at 12:48 AM

    claire, I had this great image shift with the man and woman fighting over money!
    My X and I can get along pretty good about most things – except money! (no surprise)
    This picture really looked negative to me and I instantly felt the tension I feel when dealing with him. So strong, I didn’t even want to look at the pic.
    Then after reading your comments about them dancing with money or laughing over money, it took a moment for me to see even the possibility in the image.
    Then like looking at an optical illusion, the same picture suddenly looked different. I felt my whole energy shift and I started seeing them fighting over, “No YOU TAKE the money”, “No YOU take the money” , “No, I have plenty, you take it” “No I have too much money, I want you to have it” It reminded me of “who GETS to buy dinner”.

    That was great. thank you! I needed that shift real bad. Lynda Bahr

  • July 20, 2010 at 12:13 PM

    That’s a fabulous shift, Lynda! If you wanted to take it a step farther, you could imagine the next money conversation you will have with your X going exactly that way. You could even write it out, writing your words with your dominant hand and the X’s words with your non-dominant hand. Could breathe a whole new life into future money conversations! 😉


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