As Simple as Flying a Kite


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Inspired by this lovely article: An Invitation: Practicing Wonder, by Dawna Markova

I am learning not to fear chaos, but to see it as the raw material for transformation. While I’m surrounded by chaos, it feels uncomfortable and sometimes frightening. But, as I look back over my life, I can see that it has been in the most chaotic seasons of my life that I have also become most aware of grace. If, in the midst of chaos, I can tune into my own inner peace, I can rise above it and harness the wind for my own personal evolution.




Harness the winds of chaos to create positive change in your life and in yourself.


The New Will Emerge

The New Will Emerge

Despite your hanging on
The new will emerge

Already, bright green passion
Crowds and pulses around you
Your withered leather hardens
While cobwebs drape
Like whiskers on your ancient face

There is nothing for you here
Your future lies
Beyond the freefall of letting go
Within the loam of fertile earth
Trusting the darkness
Before rebirth

Claire Perkins, 2014