Calling Upon My Inner Healer

In this crazy new covid19 Twilight Zone reality we are currently living through, I feel like I need to develop and tap into an Inner Healer who can support my physical health. Not a beleaguered health care worker like the one in my “Aye! Corona” card (see my last blog post) or the real life hospital workers being inundated by the growing number of covid19 cases beginning to hit the ICU. God bless them and the work they are doing. And if it comes down to it and the need arises, I will seek their help of course. But before it comes to that – to prevent its coming to that – I need a calm, cool and collected Inner Healer whose only job is to care for me from the inside out.

To tap into that inner source of healing, I decided to create an “Inner Healer” SoulCollage® card. Over a background of amethyst crystals, light-filled hands beam healing energy throughout my body. A winged and gowned healer – part nurse and part angel – stands by, constantly monitoring my state of health. Her eyes are bright and smiling, and she is ready for anything. Her mandala halo is like a holographic portal for Divine Healing to pour through me at a moment’s notice, should the need arise.

This card echoes and transforms some of the shapes and colors from the original “Aye! Corona” card. The pink colors, predominant in “Aye! Corona,” have shifted toward purple which, to me, is a color of Divine Connection. The shape of the mandala halo and the light radiating from the hands both mirror the shape of the virus in a way, transmuting that original imagery in the same way that the peony and daisy did in the “Healthy Lungs” card (from my previous post). The angel-nurse transmutes the beleaguered nurse from the “Aye! Corona” card. Her eyes are her own and her glasses are much like the ones I wear, making her feel like a true inner aspect of myself.

Angel-Nurse Image

I am one who knows your every health need. I am one who stands ready, 100% at your service, to diagnose and treat anything that goes wrong with the perfect balance of your body system. I am one who is here to offer direct and clear guidance about what your body needs to remain healthy.

What do you need from me?

(NDH) I need you to listen to my guidance. Some of what must be done must be done by you. Choosing the foods you eat, getting enough water, enough exercise, practicing safe distancing and good hygiene, using the natural healing tools and supplements at your disposal – these things are up to you, but I can guide you if you’ll listen. I can also guide you to seek outside help from health practitioners when and if needed.

Light-Filled Hands

We are Reiki energy – the Life Force – laser focused on healing.

What do you need from me?

(NDH) There was a time when you knew you had this power within you – within your own hands – but you have forgotten. It is time to remember. Call upon Reiki light to fill your being. Channel Reiki light from your hands into your own heart and lungs daily. It will help to build a protective barrier against the intruding virus. Do this for others as well. Remember they do not have to be right in front of you in order to transfer this healing energy. It is just as effective at a distance.

Mandala Halo

I am one who contains the Universal blueprint and your own essential blueprint. I am one who holds the spinning image of your own unique DNA. Like the holo-doctor on a Star Trek vessel, I have immediate access to all medical knowledge. I am the conduit between the Universal Healer and your own Inner Healer.

What do you need from me?

(NDH) I need nothing from you. I Am, regardless of any action you take. Simply trust that this is so.


Source images used to create the “Inner Healer” card are free use images from Pixabay.


2 thoughts on “Calling Upon My Inner Healer

  • March 20, 2020 at 11:03 PM

    Amazing work! Your expression through art and deep meaningful thoughts open up a new perspective of this new way of being. This has been a surreal experience. Thank you for sharing, Claire.

    • March 21, 2020 at 11:32 AM

      Thank you Elva. It seems that the Creative Journal Expressive Art work we both learned from Lucia Capacchione was made for times like these.


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