Song of the Universe

Song of the Universe

SoulCollage® – Council Suit – Song of the Universe

HeavenWildflowerI am one who sings to the Universe

And I am the Universe singing

I am heaven in a wildflower

I am beauty in the tiniest things

I am the fractal pattern woven throughout all of Nature

I am galaxies and I am atoms

I am the supplicant who sings praise to it all

I am one who strives to reach heaven

I am one who already stands there

I am the way and the light

I am alien, otherworldly

I am one who stands amongst the dandelion’s starseeds, awaiting the wind that will blow me away

I am a starseed

I am a child of the Universe



SoulCollage® – Council Suit – Primordial


Born of mud
I am sulfur and primordial earth
Emerging from a cave of ancient stone
Worn by eons of wind and water

I am the Keeper of Deep Sorrows
Painted with the ash of
Innumerable past lives and loves
Dried grass, hand-knotted
Ties and binds me to all who’ve come before

I am the withering of green earth
Fading from vibrant life
Drying out and decaying

I am a warrior in training
Returning yet again
To master hello and goodbye

I am the spiral of eternity
The unfolding of time
Birth and rebirth and rebirth

Expressed for one brief moment
As this body, in this now

I am but a wrinkle in time



Claire Perkins

Wonderful @SoulCollage(TM) workshop with Kathy Shimpock today! This is my favorite of 3 cards created today, and a poem that emerged from the “I am one who” exploration that followed.