Dream: Hungry Lions

Hungry Lions by Artful Alchemist on Polyvore

Dream: 1/18/2011
Hungry Lions

I am exploring ancient grounds – an abandoned estate of some kind. It is not in ruins, but is overgrown and neglected as well as deserted. I discover there are feeding stations in some locations. There are monkeys and there are lions. I go to one feeding station near the front of the house (it looks a bit like a metal water pump). I can read a label on it that indicates it’s for the lions. I give it a pump, out of curiosity, and a few old cheese puffs come out. The monkeys stay back and a lion comes and sniffs at the cheese puffs. I feel sad for the lions – they can’t eat food like this. It reminds me of a zoo where people come to gawk and make caged pets of these glorious animals. I’m a bit frightened to be so close to the lions, but feel it is up to me to feed them.

To me, the message of this dream is so clear. The monkeys are the monkey-mind – all that chatter, inner critic, false beliefs, distractions. It is clear that I’m not to feed them. (In waking life, I feed them all too often.) The lions represent my authentic inner power (connections to the goddess Sekhmet and also to the Alsan Christ-consciousness figure from the Narnia tales). They are hungry. It’s my job to feed them. And cheetos (my ultimate junk food!) are not going to cut it. My inner lioness needs real meat, something to sink her teeth into, something that will sustain her. It’s my job to find what that is and provide it. It IS frightening to think of really owning my inner power. Yet in the dream, I seem determined despite my fear. That’s what the dream is asking of me in waking life – to brave up and feed my inner power what it needs.

What inner power do you choose to feed? And how do you tame the monkey-mind?

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