I am the Wiz Kid

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This is an excerpt from The Deep Water Leaf Society: Harnessing the Transformative Power of Grief (copyright 2008, Claire M. Perkins. All Rights Reserved.)

from chapter 13: Voices from the Big Wave

(I am highlighting one of these dialogues in each post of this series. The questions of the dominant hand are noted (DH) and the answers of the images, transcribed by my non-dominant hand, are noted (NDH).)

5/24/04 Dialogue with the Boy in Blue

Me (DH): Hello little boy in blue – who are you?

Boy (NDH): I am the Wiz Kid.

(DH): Hello, Wiz Kid. What is it you are up to?

(NDH): Magic. Alchemy. Transformation.

(DH): I see. That sounds exciting! How do you feel?

(NDH): Anticipation.

(DH): Anticipation? What is it you expect?

(NDH): Great things. Growth.

(DH): It looks to me like you are feeding something to the swimmers in the bowl. What is it?

(NDH): Wisdom in small doses. Only what can be handled at any given time.

(DH): And who are the swimmers?

(NDH): Look. There are 3.

(DH): Yes, there are 3. Is one of them me?

(NDH): At least one, yes. At least.

(DH): Are they all me, then?

(NDH): All you – all me – all one.

(DH): You are very cryptic – mysterious. What can I do for you?

(NDH): Play the game. Dance, laugh, grow.

(DH): What gift or wisdom do you bring to me?

(NDH): Vision.

This dialogue left me puzzled and curious. Through the image of the Wiz Kid and the words he said, I felt connected to the side of Cameron that was always so curious and creative, the side of him that somehow seemed to know more than I did despite all appearances to the contrary. I felt uplifted by the idea that some powerful transformation was just around the corner for me. The three swimmers in the bowl had made me think of the karmic triangle that Cameron, David and I had always seemed to form, so I was surprised that the meaning was deeper and more mysterious than that. The dialogue reminded me that I could keep living and growing and enjoying life, and that this loss could lead to wisdom and vision if I allowed it to.

to be continued . . .

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