May Your SOUL Burn Through Your SHOULDS

My wonderful friend and awakening coach, Aliza Bloom Robinson, triggered this vision in my mind during a guided meditation last week.

As I drew the image in my journal, it occurred to me that the words SHOULD and SOUL are very close – just drop away the H and the D from SHOULD and you are back to SOUL.

I asked myself, what are the H and D? What do they represent? And what came to me was Having and Doing.

We spend so much of our energy on Having and Doing, at the expense of Being – and Being, it seems to me, is a purer expression of Soul. Somehow we measure success by, and place value on, how much we Do and how much we Have. But when that takes us away from our true Being and authenticity, the price of all that Having and Doing can be mighty high.

I am ready to strip away the H and the D – the Having and Doing – and get back to the Being that is my true Soul.

May the pure light of your Soul burn through all your “shoulds” and burn through all false and unnecessary Having and Doing, leaving a pureness of Being that is authentic and true to your Soul’s purpose.

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