As women, we tend to be good “nesters.” We are the keepers of home and hearth, the moms, the nurturers. We create a comfortable nest for those we love. We also create a comfortable nest for our dreams – feathering it just so, admiring the egg(s) we place there to germinate and gestate. Every so often, we take out one of our dream eggs, blow the dust off of it and sigh with longing, imagining what it would be like to live that dream life. The problem is that we’re such good “nesters” we may never allow our dream eggs to hatch. We grow so enamored of the egg – the idea, the dream, the ideal – that we avoid the hard work of birthing.

You’ve all heard the expression, “you can’t make an omelet without breaking a few eggs,” right? Well, you can’t birth your dream(s) without letting the shell crack open. There is a time for gestation and a time for birth – action, forward motion, risk, adventure, unfolding. Don’t hold your dreams so close that they become stillborn.

Here is an art piece and a poem that captures this idea. Actually, it’s what triggered this blog post . . .

by Claire M. Perkins


dawn’s prism fractures the night
spills color and life
through your once dark world
reveals what’s been
too long hidden
beneath your ruffled breast

it is time, Little One

warm your nest no longer
stand aside and
reveal its gem-laden mystery
allow the shattering shell
to scatter its jewels
they are but dull paste
to the genesis that awaits

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