I love September!

It makes me feel giddy inside, open to possibilities, ready for something new.

It’s that childlike anticipation of a new school year: brand new clothes, fresh notebooks and pencils, the smell of chalk and erasers, the joyful sound of kids on the playground, the excitement of reconnecting with old friends and making new ones, the challenge of finding my way to unfamiliar classrooms and opening my mind to previously unexplored subjects.

The school year now starts well before September, earlier every year. It’s been ages since I last sat in a classroom and I don’t even have any kids to see off to school in the morning. Here in my desert home town there’s not a hint of Autumn in the sultry air. No gold and bronze to grace the trees.

But, the light is shifting and I feel September in my bones. I’m ready for change, adventure, learning, growing. I’m ready to let go of that branch I’ve been clinging to like it was the whole Universe and to spin off into a bright blue sky with no roadmap, no plan and no worries about where I might land.

Wouldn’t it be glorious to just enjoy the ride?

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