SoulCollage® – Council Suit – Activation

SoulCollage® – Council Suit – Activation


I am the flow of Divine Wisdom and Light
I am the one who bathes you in a golden stream of Divine Love Energy
I contain the collective wisdom of your highest self, your oversoul, your guides and angels, and the ascended masters
I hold the blueprint of your unique Divine Plan and the history of your Akashic Record
I am the Light that flows through your core, activating and balancing each chakra
I am here to awaken you and spark your evolution

I am your bubble of protection
I shield you from all negative energies and forces
I allow only what is good and light to reach you
I am your safety and your Light Vehicle
I am the cocoon in which you may safely journey through your transformation

We are the crystalline core of Mother Earth
We cradle your Earth Body and give it life
We ground you into your Earthly Experience
We feed you and nurture you through your roots, which wind and wrap around us in Divine Embrace

I am your root chakra
I send my tendrils deep into the Earth Mother to receive sustenance
I keep you grounded and safe
As I am activated, I release all fear and dis-ease

I am your sacral chakra
I am your creative and generative source
I am the throne of your sexual, sensual, emotional Divine Feminine
I am the uncollapsed well of quantum possibility, the void from which creation springs
As I am activated, I release all blocks to sexual and creative expression

I am your solar plexus chakra
I am your sense of self, your free will and your personal power
I am the seat of your “doing” self, your Divine Masculine
I bring forth into manifestation all that you desire to create
As I am activated, I release self-doubt, self-judgment and the need to play small

I am your heart chakra
I am a living being, equipped with wings to soar
I create the alchemy that mixes Divine Light and Earth Energies to create the miracle of Embodied Light
I infuse all your creations and interactions with Love
As I am activated, I generate waves of Love Energy that ripple outward changing everything in their path

I am your throat chakra
I am your true voice, your own unique and authentic message
I express Wisdom and Love
My expressions are a catalyst for transformation
As I am activated, I release all blocks to full and clear expression

I am your third eye chakra
I am your awakening intuition, your inner vision
I pierce the veil of Earthly Illusion
I am your portal into multidimensional experience and expression
As I am activated, I open wide and release all blindness to higher dimensions

I am your crown chakra
I am an open portal to Divine Source
My cords of light extend ever upward, connecting you to your own Divinity
My cords of light extend through timeless time, back to the original creative spark, tracing your own unique path of evolution
As I am activated, I dissolve all sense of separation

I am the one who sits, naked and pure, stripped of all acquired baggage and masks, open to receive
I am the one who sits in gratitude to both Mother Earth and Divine Light
I am the conduit through which the Light flows and mingles with my Earthly Energies
I am the crucible in which alchemy takes place
I am willing
I am activated
I am transformed
I am grateful

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  • August 17, 2015 at 4:41 PM

    Wow, powerful, beautiful and profound, Claire. Thank you

    • August 17, 2015 at 4:53 PM

      Thank you, Meredith!


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