SoulCollage® – Committee Suit – Inner Goddess Queen

SoulCollage® – Committee Suit – Inner Goddess Queen

InnerGoddessQueenI am the Goddess Queen of my world, born to rule it as I see fit
I am the daughter of Kings and Queens and the daughter of the Great Spirit
I proclaim my sovereignty over my life, my world and my destiny

I know my worth and I claim it
I know what I want and I claim it
I get what I want, for I am deserving of all good things
I stand firmly in my birthright
Nothing shall be denied me

I am a seer
I soar on wings of gold, scouting ahead, taking the high view
My way is clear
My intuition is keen
I see through all deception and know what is true

I am a warrior
I am wise, bold, confident and courageous
I act decisively and make wise decisions
I do not tolerate people or circumstances that do not honor my value
My personal power is plain to see

I am a goddess
I am a beautiful, sensual being
My body is a temple of both pleasure and power
My heart is a treasure I give openly to whom I choose and keep safe from those who would abuse it

I am a queen
Riches of every kind flow to me constantly and easily
I am adorned in gold and jewels, but my true value shines from within
I am of immense and unique value


With extreme gratitude to Sandi Neilson and her powerful process for releasing limiting beliefs and replacing them with new, empowering beliefs. This Goddess/Queen quite literally stepped “out of the closet” with me in our session together this past Tuesday.

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