In the Tree of Life
Beyond this reality
The leaves are dreaming

Magical stories
Spun from infinity of

Into dreams we fell
Choosing to adventure by
Forgetting we chose

Sleepwalking the dream
Believing the illusion
Suffering nightmares

Wake up now, remember
You are both dream and dreamer
On this path you chose

by Claire Perkins, July 2016

“Letria’s Dream”, 11″x14″ watercolor and colored pencil illustration
from my upcoming book, Fallen, The Adventures of a Deep Water Leaf
a fable about remembering

SoulCollage® – Council Suit – Divine Unrest

SoulCollage® – Council Suit – Divine Unrest

DivineUnrest2SmallDivine Unrest is a primal seed
Planted deep within your soul
Longing to germinate and gracefully unfurl
To spread root and branch
Sprout twig and leaf
Bloom with incredible fragrance and color

Do not fear that sweet sorrowful longing
Dive into it
Swim in its depths
Soak in its nectar
Breathe its essence more deeply into you, Beloved
So that it may guide you forward
Guide you home

The seed was planted in you
Long before you existed
Nestled in the rich field of stars
From whence you came
Descended from the original seed
The First Cause
The Love that exploded to fragment and fill Universes
Rather than to remain alone

The seed within you, Beloved
Is Love longing to express
Consciousness longing to know itself
Possibility longing to become manifest
To know this
Is to find your power

Do not fear your own shattering
Seek joyfully the emergence that follows it
The entire Universe
Awaits your unfolding