The Divine Family Within


The Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine are two halves of a whole, split asunder and rearranged to make a safe feathered nest for the child that is me. Within their balanced embrace, I am free to fully express my potential.

The Divine Feminine Mother Within has no fear. She is my Nurturer. She completely trusts in the unfolding. She loves unconditionally. She surrounds, enfolds and immerses me in unconditional love, with no judgment or recrimination. She knows I am loveable. She allows and encourages me to feel what I’m feeling with her promise that I am safe. She is the inward well of creation, imagination, gestation and birth of all I might bring to this world.

The Divine Masculine Father Within moves me out into the world yet stands ready to catch me should I stumble. He is my Protector. He takes off the training wheels and encourages me to ride full out on the path that is mine to take. He stands up for me and teaches me to stand up for myself. He assures me I can be and do whatever I desire. He knows I am capable. He is wise and discerning and shows me the way. He is the outward creative force, manifesting and accomplishing what I choose to bring to this world.

Buoyed by their wings, I take flight, navigating the currents of my own evolution.


Art: “Divine Family”, created on my iPad in DrawSomething2 and inspired by Lesson 5 of Emergence: The Shift From Ego to Essence.

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