The Dream That Saved My Marriage – Sort Of

I was a young bride of 18, married for only a few months and living in a rented rural farmhouse near Stillwater, Oklahoma.

Having spent the day planting some seeds and flowers in a corner of the front yard, I stood, stretched and slapped my hands in a brushing motion across the front of my jeans. I was much thinner then, and my wedding ring sat loosely on my finger. With horror, I saw the wedding ring fly across the yard as I brushed the dirt loose from my hands.

Immediately I started to search the yard for it. I was still searching hours later when my husband got home from a long day at work. Distraught and in tears, I told him what had happened. He helped me to look some more until it was too dark to see. We didn’t find it.

That night, I went to bed feeling heartsick and knowing I’d never see my precious ring again. I slept fitfully. Near morning in a dream, I saw rose bushes with diamonds hanging from the leaves like dew.

There were a few rose bushes in the yard, but the ring couldn’t have landed over there – could it? I had seen the direction the ring had flown in – hadn’t I? That was nowhere near the roses. I looked anyway, and there was my beautiful ring, lying on the rich earth beneath the roses and sparkling in the morning sun. Did the dream save my marriage? Well, after 35 years we are still happily married. Of course, I like to think we would be even without the ring – but it’s nice to have both my husband AND the ring!

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