Dreaming of Floods

The devastation in Japan weighs heavily in the collective consciousness – an inner earthquake and tsunami that mirrors the outer, physical events. It would seem only likely that an increase in the number of earthquake and flood dreams would occur in the days and weeks preceding and following this disaster. Have you dreamed of floods or earthquakes recently? If so, I invite you to share your dreams here.

On March 13, I had a flood dream:

Big Flood
My husband says there’s flooding in the old neighborhood and he needs to go check on the trailer. After he is gone for a while, my daughter sees some water coming toward our house. I tell her to hurry, to run inside. I run behind her, pushing her along. We can’t seem to run fast enough. We get inside and I keep pushing her – Upstairs! Upstairs!. We get to the upstairs, which is very primitive – seems to be just board walls. We watch the water come racing along and hear and feel a loud bang as the water collides with the walls of the house. The water is up to the bottom of the window of this upper floor. We seem to be safe, thankfully, but I think with deep regret and grief about the new baby kittens downstairs, certain they must drown, knowing there’s nothing I can do about it. I also worry about my husband. Did he make it to the old neighborhood? Is he safe? Did he get caught out in the rising water?

After the dream, I was most curious about the kittens. It seemed that we had recently gotten these kittens and the feeling I held was of their innocence and vulnerability – and my inability to protect them felt awful and hopeless. Surely we all feel a bit of this when we look at the news footage coming from Japan and see the utter devastation and struggle to comprehend the scale of loss.

Today, I came across this video on Facebook and it triggered tears and feelings of grief for all the animals caught in the tsunami. The accompanying article is here. On a hopeful note, both dogs have been rescued and are getting care.

I welcome your thoughts and comments, especially any flood or earthquake dream reports you’d like to share.

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