Elephant Tears

Dream 6/5/2010


I am outdoors. It’s very hot. I spot a couple of elephants coming down the side of the mountain. Unheard of in my neighborhood. Elephants! I exclaim. I’m surprised and thrilled to see them. Slowly I begin to see more and more of them. Now I see masses of them – mostly babies – along the chain link fence by the canal. They are so close. There are a few larger elephants among the crowd of little ones. I’m a little nervous, and so are they.

I squat down, talking to them gently, and they start to approach me. They communicate to me or somehow I just know that they are hungry, they are starving, they are pleading for food. I am overwhelmed with sadness for them. My hands instinctively raise into prayer form and I keep repeating, “I’m so sorry, I’m so sorry, I’m so sorry,” as the tears run down my face. The eldest of the elephants studies me and communicates to the others that we humans are interesting creatures. He seems surprised by my emotion.

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