Fallen Selected for Spirited Woman’s Top 12 Book Pick List

I am thrilled to announce that my book, Fallen – the Adventures of a Deep Water Leaf, is being featured on the Spirited Woman’s Summer Solstice Top 12 Pick List!

If you haven’t already read this little gem, I can promise you it will be the perfect beach or vacation read – and you’ll likely want to reread it again and again.

FALLEN – by Claire Perkins. When Alora falls from the Dreaming Tree into a watery dreamscape, she must choose between drifting along at the mercy of the elements or diving deep to reclaim her true power. Flooded with fear and grief, but buoyed by unexpected guides, Alora journeys toward remembering who she really is and why she chose to fall.

Buy your copy (signed if you like!) here on this website.

Or, you can buy the paperback or ebook on Amazon.

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