Follow Your Dreams

20 Ways to Change Your Story

9. Follow Your Dreams

Nope. Not those dreams. Not the “I want to be a rock star” or “I want to be a millionaire” kind of dreams. Not the goal oriented dreams of your waking hours.

Don’t get me wrong. Those waking-life, aspirational dreams are fabulous. By all means, go for them. It’s just that I don’t really have to tell you that, do I? Everyone pretty much knows that following those dreams will be life and story changing.

No. The dreams I’m talking about here are your nighttime dreams, the ones you have while sleeping.

Now, don’t tell me you don’t dream, because you do. EVERYONE dreams, several times in the course of the night. When you reach REM sleep, you dream. If you think you aren’t dreaming, it’s is just that you aren’t remembering your night dreams upon awakening, and that’s a different issue. (For help with that, download my Ten Tips for Improving Dream Recall.)

Once you get into the habit of remembering your dreams


bee-44520_960_720Dreams can be messages from your Higher Self. They can be adventures in other dimensions, including past, future and parallel lives. They can be healing journeys. They can be expeditions into your potential future. They can be challenging. They can be enlightening. They can be fun.

And they can be story changing!

Pay attention to your dreams and honor them with action. Think that sounds wacky?

  • Albert Einstein credited his eventual formulation of the Theory of Relativity to a preoccupation with a dream he had as an adolescent in which he was sledding through a field of stars.
  • Elias Howe dreamed of cannibals who jabbed at him with spears that had holes in the tips. He awoke with a big “Aha!” that if he moved the eye to the tip of the needle, he could resolve the struggle he was having getting his sewing machine invention to work.
  • Harriet Tubman claimed that dreams helped her to find the right pathways to lead slaves to freedom in the Underground Railroad.
  • A dream inspired Mahatma Gandhi with the idea to use work strikes as a non-violent means of protest in India’s struggle for independence.
  • The melody for The Beatles’ song, Yesterday, came to Paul McCartney in a dream. The tune was so clear and familiar that he was sure he must have heard it somewhere. It took weeks of playing it for friends, all of whom said they’d never heard it, to convince him that he must have composed it in his sleep. Unfortunately, the lyrics were more of a challenge. Those timeless three syllables of “Yes-ter-day” started out as “Scram-bled-Eggs” before the lyrics eventually evolved into the classic song we know and love.

The point is, don’t dismiss your night dreams as nonsense. They contain extremely valuable information and experience. If you pay attention to your dreams and act on the messages you receive from them, you may find that they help you to:

  • find solutions to problems
  • sort through your emotions
  • strengthen your intuition
  • enhance your creativity
  • develop self-awareness
  • heal physically and emotionally
  • connect to your Higher Self
  • dream your way forward into a bigger, better story

So, follow your dreams! They won’t lead you astray.


This is the 10th post in a 21-post series sparked by Chapter 9 of Fallen, The Adventures of a Deep Water Leaf, in which Lizard suggests that Alora change her story.

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