Lest you judge me as a heathen or an empty-headed New Age bimbo, or evil, or whatever, let me say that I believe the human mind is too small to conceive of the all-encompassing greatness of the Single Power that rules all. And so we create manifestations and approximations of various aspects of the One that we perceive only in glimmers.

I have a strong connection to that aspect perceived as Sekhmet, and this is a tribute to her.

She is misunderstood as the goddess of destruction, war and pestilence. I have come to know her more clearly as the goddess of the Dark Night, the birther of the new that follows the death of the old, the Light that shines through hearts cracked open by trauma and grief.

I feel the world, humanity, is entering a collective Dark Night of the Soul. But this sacred energy of death and rebirth, by whatever name (the Celtic Babd, India’s Kali, Egypt’s Sekhmet) must be remembered as having BOTH aspects: death and rebirth.

We fear the death of the old, but it always brings the birth of the new. Today, as so many old systems fail – health care, finance, education, ecology, politics – let us remember that this is a potent time for recreating our world in a stronger, better form.

I call upon Sekhmet to help us rebirth this planet.

A few of the hundred names of Sekhmet:
Lady of the Place of the Beginning of Time
Flaming One
Pure One
Opener of Ways
Lady of Transformation
Destroyer by Fire
Wanderer in the Wastes
Great One of Healing
Winged One
Powerful of Heart
The Aware
The One Who Holds Back the Darkness
The Beautiful Light
Beloved Teacher
Mother of the Gods

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