The Architect’s Dream

Once long ago (December 1997, to be exact) I dreamed that I was gazing upon the Blueprint of the Universe – and for one tiny moment, I GOT IT, everything made sense, I saw how it ALL fit together. Then I awoke – excited, but the clarity was gone.

To honor the dream, I wrote this poem:

(Copyright Claire M. Perkins 1997)
Lucid Dreaming

in intangible tangent
for an instant my dream
intersects with the Architect’s

Dream: gray-blue pages and indigo lines
circumscribe the grand design
precise measure of every arc defined
every line, square foot and cubic yard,
foundation, beam and truss,
the radii of all the spheres
and all the universes
my place in them and theirs in me
everything perfect, balanced,
complete and

impossibly I understand
the immense simplicity
the ordering of infinite minutia
into this divinely improbable form
which stands without apparent support
but everywhere bears the grace of its Designer

the Draftsman’s table tilts
knocks me spinning down some drowsy trajectory
to land here in this ten by twelve room
with snoring beside me
disoriented by the darkness of my own small domain
reality obscured by waking

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