Visioning® for 2011

I finally got around to doing my Visioning® collage for 2011. This only after a friend of mine expressed an interest in doing some collage work which prompted me to invite her over for an afternoon. I facilitate this work for others ALL THE TIME, yet never seem to find the time to do my own! So I was glad for the nudge from my friend, otherwise I would not have made time for it.

As I glued everything down, there was a blank space and it didn’t feel quite finished. That prompted me to jump on to Polyvore and try to create the image I held in my mind’s eye for Source-ress (my energetic name for this year) and it fit the leftover space perfectly.

I’m tickled with the images and phrases that came to me. “To start living your best life, Tap Here” followed by a heart 😉 EFT, but also the idea of tapping into heart energy as the source of action (as opposed to always coming from the head). Another series of phrases reinforces that idea: “Grow your mind / and heart / there’s an art to this kind of balance.”

Love the image of the crayons, which clearly represent my need for playful artistic creativity. And REALLY loved THESE PARTICULAR crayons, because each one is carved into the shape of an animal, which for me ties right into the shamanic path.

The little green onion riding the orange-wheel bicycle just called to me – love the sense of whimsy, humor and eccentricity AND he also ties into my intention for eating fresher, simpler, more down-to-earth foods this year.

I’m intrigued by the number of references to teams, the many, connections and collections as I tend to be a very solo-preneur kind of gal – always trying to do everything myself. Sooooo, looks like this is the year to break down and get some HELP!

Well, the Mission Statement right up top does say RETHINK EVERYTHING! 😉

My favorite phrase of all came from headline in Fast Company in an article about the blog site. I edited it only slightly, replacing “they” with “you”: “Do exactly what you want. It’s eccentric. It’s unprofessional. And it makes money.” Really speaks to the “wanna do it MY way” part of me 😉

Anyone else create a vision board this year?

One thought on “Visioning® for 2011

  • February 24, 2011 at 5:01 PM

    I just discovered your blog when I typed in the phrase “emotional alchemy” while trying to write a post for my blog. I like your idea of a vision board. It seems that you have a lot of the same visions and goals for the year that I do.

    And I love the idea of rethinking everything! My blog is actually about rethinking whatever comes up in my life.

    Thanks for sharing!


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